UX Alive

Turkey's and Europe's biggest User Experience conference UX Alive achieved the success of becoming one of the Top UX Conferences, opens its doors for the second time in 11-12-13 May 2016 in Wyndham Grand İstanbul Levent.

Conference Content

Last year, the conference was attracted intensive attention from all over the world and was hosted over 550 attendees from 23 countries. This year UX Alive will host over 800 attendees. Conference will last 3 days, on the first day ‘How is it made’ and ‘Strategy’ sessions will take to the stage including keynote and expert speakers.

Speakers From Young and Innovative Companies in UX Alive!

Jennifer Gove who is the conference speaker and director of the team that preparing "Mobile Site Design Principles Report" at Google will talk about how can we minimize the user problems on an application. The founder of a design studio based in Sydney that “Meld Studios” Steve Baty will mention the necessities of routing successfully while designing interactions on different sizes, encountered method variables/ skill-set. Last year, Vitaly Friedman who was one of UX Alive speakers and was attract intensive attention Vitaly Friedman will come to give a speech and making Premium Workshop to UX Alive this year as well. Friedman will be analyzing a strategy for flexible and accessible responsive design systems labor while using the web technologies which we have. Aras Bilgen who is UX Manager at Garanti Technology will mention under the topic “Doing Research in Design-hostile Environments” the importance of user research during in the solution process. David Peter Simon the other speakers at the conference will mention that how user researches and concepts be included to the world of software. Many more speakers will be on the UX Alive Conference.

Two-Day Workshops with Experience Full

On the second and third days of conferences, contentful workshops will be carried out to live a more interactive and efficient conferencing experience. Topics such as “Career Development in the User Experience, Optimization, Interaction Design, UX Strategy, Mobile Design, E-Commerce, Banking” will be focal points of the conference. The owners of workshops that become clear Vitaly Friedman, Steve Baty, Aras Bilgen, UX The Game, Başak Haznedaroğlu, Can Kılıçbay, Gregg Nudlman, Sarah Horton ve Dave Sloan.

Also, this year Night Workshop will be held in concept within the framework of UX Alive with the partnership Atölye and UX Alive.

Userspots ‘UX Career’ and ‘Design Clinic’ will take place at the conference!

Specialist will be consulted to the attendees who have career goals about UX or want to move their own UX career to the upper level. Attendees, companies, start-ups will be able to choose the sectors and get advices about Usability and Optimization of websites and mobil applications at the ‘Design Clinic’ stand Userspots UX and optimization team take place.