Verena Letzner

General Manager at Plan.Net Group


Verena Letzner is general manager at Plan.Net and helps clients like BMW, Bosch Home and Paramount Pictures build tailored content marketing strategies based on CX insights. She previously established the social media and content marketing activities at the Burda Media publishing group. As a cultural scientist, she is fascinated by the way content spreads and is being received across different cultures.


It is almost impossible to build a good user experience on bad content. Both UX designers and content marketers are trying to figure out how to tailor digital media to the needs of their users while achieving a company’s business goal at the same time. Choosing the right content for an audience and the definition of tonality and information quantity are the foundation on which the interaction design can successfully build upon. We will show you how to develop a convincing content user experience using behavioral and survey data, media studies and user testing.