Amol Kadam

Co-founder at RBBi


Amol is a co-founders of RBBIFor more than 20 years, Amol has conceptualised, designed and managed significant digital projects for a wide range of clients involving digital transformation, UX & strategy, usability, information architecture, interaction design, and online & offline interactive media. Amol is widely accepted UX evangelist, speaker and writer in many leading publications within the region and beyond.


Are ChatBots & Conversational UI Changing Design forever? This talk takes a look back at the history of Conversational UI and how it all started. With few real life examples we will try to understand the impact conversational UI is having on overall UX design. We will also discuss nuances of how the designing for ChatBots and Conversational UI is not same and will go on to talk about guidelines for designing conversational UIs and how it impacts your conventional UX design process.